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Taekwon-Do Tiny Fist

4 to 7 years old

Achieve your goals

You have fitness goals. We have the resources and people to make them a reality. However and whenever you like to work out, we've got you covered. Too good to be true? Check out all that we offer.

Taekwon-Do Kids

7 to 13 years old

kick Boxing

Group Classes​

Taekwon-Do Adults

Get to know us

Looking for an experienced, friendly, helpful trainer? Look no further!  Our state-of-the-art facilities are just the beginning. We also employ a highly-trained and experienced staff that can provide a variety of services.


You’ve made the decision to increase your fitness, and we’re here to help you along. We warmly welcome you to our facility and our expert staff and trainers would love to discuss your goals and how we can help you met them.


We’re a premier martial arts, fitness, training, and zumba club with a strong commitment towards personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Complete Taekwon-Do training
  • Self defense   
  • Zumba/aerobic studios
  • Kick boxing
  • Safe Child environment

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